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Friendly Straw

7.75" x 0.25" Wedding Theme Paper Drinking Straws, 300 Pack

7.75" x 0.25" Wedding Theme Paper Drinking Straws, 300 Pack

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Get ready to say "I do" to these wedding-themed paper straws! Each box comes with 300 straws in three different designs, perfect for your big day or any special occasion. Our paper straws are made from natural and sustainably sourced white pulp paper, which means no fake dyes or harmful chemicals. They're like drinking straight from the tree, but without all the bark. And with a standard size of 7.75" tall and .25" wide, they're suitable for up to 20oz cups. But what sets our straws apart is their durability. We guarantee that they'll last over one hour in cold to warm drinks. That means you'll have plenty of time to sip, dance, and celebrate with your guests. And when the party's over, our easy access packaging makes cleanup a breeze. The boxes come with a small and large tear-out slot, making it easy for both home and industrial buyers to get their straws out quickly. But the best part? These paper drinking straws are 100% decomposable and biodegradable. That's right, they'll break down naturally and won't harm the planet. So go ahead and cheers to the Earth with these eco-friendly straws. Tie the knot with these Friendly Straws and make your special occasion one to remember - without leaving a negative impact on the environment.

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