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Friendly Straw

7.75" x 0.4" Jumbo Smoothie White Kraft Paper Straws, Box of 150

7.75" x 0.4" Jumbo Smoothie White Kraft Paper Straws, Box of 150

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Introducing the Friendly Straw 150 Pack Biodegradable Jumbo Smoothie Paper Straws - the perfect way to sip on your favorite creamy drinks without harming the planet! Our straws are made from sustainably sourced white pulp paper, so you can enjoy your smoothies with a clear conscience (and a happy Mother Nature). Not only are these paper straws eco-friendly, but they're also built to last! We're so confident in their durability that we offer a 1-hour guarantee for use in both cold and warm drinks. So go ahead, take your time sipping on that smoothie - our straws can handle it! And when it's time to refill, no need to struggle with getting the straws out of the box. Our convenient tear-out slots make it easy for both home and industrial buyers to access our straws in a snap. Plus, these straws are 100% decomposable and biodegradable, so they won't harm the environment or add to landfills. So why settle for flimsy plastic straws when you can upgrade to our extra wide paper straws? Measuring 7.75" tall and .4" wide, they're suitable for up to 20oz cups and perfect for those thick and creamy drinks. Trust us, your smoothies (and Mother Nature) will thank you!

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